Krunch+Press Founder David Bell

Krunch+Press Founder | David Bell


Hi, I’m David and I’d love to tell you a bit about the vision behind the Krunch+Press Juice Truck.

It can be challenging to stay energised living in an urban environment where the pace is always fast and frantic.  I was finding that out to my cost.  Wouldn’t say I was fat and ready to die but the waistline was showing and, well, I had kind of lost a bit of vitality and often seemed to feel energy-less.

Then, in early 2010 whilst in New York I saw something that for some odd reason took hold of me…….around fruit and vegetable juicing.  Everywhere I looked there was a fresh juice bar of sorts and I loved what I saw and loved what I tasted.  Back in London a self awareness began to grow that, bottom line, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables might, just might, be the way to living a more vital and energy filled life.   And drinking freshly made juice - organic wherever possible -offered a perfectly sensible way to make healthy lifestyle changes. 

It's kind of true isn't it.  We’re happy to crunch and press at the Gym and take exceptional care of our external selves  - yet often are more lax about what's inside.  So often we put the wrong and unhealthy stuff into our bods but leave the right stuff (read fresh fruit and veggies) out. Krunch+Press is about a desire to bring the health and vitality benefits of fresh unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juice to a wider audience. 

Cue Harvey the Krunch+Press Juice Truck - a wildly urban and cooly converted 1971 classic Citroen Van that serves the healthiest and most outrageously delicious juices on the planet.  You get the whole juice and nothing but the juice in every generously portioned 16oz cup.  Not only that.  We squirt a splurge of extra-virgin olive oil (from our small family grove in Southern Italy) into every juice that adds in a rich creamy yummyness.  Not to mention extra micronutrients and vitamins.  

So the awesome news is this.  The Juice Truck is coming to a street or event near you!

Get on the street  * Take juice and be good  * Recapture a more vital life


Krunch+Press juice; it really is an inside out work out


We hope you love our Juice Truck
We think he looks like a Harvey
So that’s what we’ve called him

Harvey is a 1971 classic Citroen HY Van bought over from France and lovingly restored having languished uncared for in a French barn for rather too many.  You’ll see from the snaps in the blog section that he was originally designed as a horsebox (there were many different forms and variants of the HY Van  - including Post Vans, Fire Engines and even Police Vans - and that’s while you’ll rarely see two that are identical).

There were over 470,000 vans manufactured between 1949 and 1981 but we think ours is the absolute best of the best.  Check out our blog to see just what a transformation has taken place.

We’ve taken great care to convert the K+P Juice Truck into something that looks stylish, urban and elegant.  Why not consider booking Harvey for your own event, celebration or press launch? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE