Krunch+Press Founder David Bell

Krunch+Press Founder | David Bell



I’m David and I’d love to tell you about Krunch+Press… and also introduce Harvey the Juice Truck.   

The Krunch+Press vision is simple.  To encourage and promote freshly made fruit and vegetable juices as a simple way to recapture a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Offering fresh juice as a solution  - be it serving up at festivals or conferences or hiring out Harvey to companies looking for a fresh and creative promotional idea.  Or as a healthy staff treat for that matter.

Ebay and Chiswick Park in West London are two of our clients and both were delighted with bespoked juice based solutions we created for them.  And we’re proud to partner with the likes of Westfield Stratford City and a number of large Christian organisations that include Holy Trinity Brompton and The Big Church Day Out. 

Krunch+Press dates back to 2010 when, during a trip to New York, I was struck by the array of fresh juice bars which inhabited every street or avenue.  I loved what I saw and loved what I tasted. It was healthy, raw and great-for-you stuff.  A concept then began to form of a distinctive and inviting mobile juice bar offering a menu of specially and freshly blended fruit and vegetable juices.  The culmination: Harvey, a dashingly converted vintage Citroen Truck. 

As well as the uniqueness of Harvey, there’s another reason why Krunch+Press is distinctive.  Into every juice we add a small squirt of extra virgin olive oil sourced from our family grove in South Italy.  Why do we do this?  Two reasons.  It adds creaminess to the taste and texture and secondly packs in an additional burst of antioxidants and essential vitamins E, K and B.  Delicious!

So if Krunch+Press can help in any way then please do make contact with me.  We’d love to serve you.  All the best - David


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IMG_2281 (1).jpg

We hope you love our Juice Truck
We think he looks like a Harvey
So that’s what we’ve called him

Harvey is a 1971 classic Citroen HY Van bought over from France and lovingly restored having languished uncared for in a French barn for rather too many.  You’ll see from the snaps in the blog section that he was originally designed as a horsebox (there were many different forms and variants of the HY Van  - including Post Vans, Fire Engines and even Police Vans - and that’s while you’ll rarely see two that are identical).

There were over 470,000 vans manufactured between 1949 and 1981 but we think ours is the absolute best of the best.  Check out our blog to see just what a transformation has taken place.

We’ve taken great care to convert the K+P Juice Truck into something that looks stylish, urban and elegant.  Why not consider booking Harvey for your own event, celebration or press launch? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE