We figure it’s important to try and use the freshest organic produce we can buy.  This goes especially for our apples, carrots and cucumbers which feature heavily as “base” ingredients for Krunch+Press juices and shakes.  It’s not rocket science really.  Organic stuff is tastier (as the produce tends to grow more slowly) and it’s free of all those nasty bits and things that are added to the soil as a matter of course during regular farming.  We took the view early on that people who care about what they put in to their bodies, especially when it comes to something as fresh as juice, will pay that little extra to “get organic”.


Juicing technique – cold pressed

The Truck has a fully functioning Norwalk Press, which yields an awesome cold press liquid elixir. Or “Green Juice” as journalists are starting to call it.  “Green” because with this method of production the proportion of vegetables to fruits tend to be higher.  But of monumental significance with proper cold pressing is this: the resulting liquid is not only the champagne of juice in terms of taste but heat and oxygenation are minimised during production.  This means nutrient and vitamin content within the juice remains "live" for up to 3 days. Cold pressed juice is labour-intensive to produce but if you are planning a juice cleanse this is the stuff you want to be taking.


Juicing technique - centrifugal

The Truck is also kitted out to deliver delicious quick-to-make and ready-to-go juice using a centrifugal juicer and blender. We’ve opted for a Robot-Coupe because this commercially built model runs juices at slightly less speed compared to compared to others on the market.  This then generates slightly less heat therefore maintaining micronutrient value in the produce for that bit longer.  We use top of the range Vitamix blenders because, well, these are simply the best there is.