Juice Formulas

We try and run with the seasons so our juice formulas will often vary. 

But here are some of our popular fresh and blended signature juice formulas that we serve up in Harvey:

Green machine

kale / cucumber / apple / celery / ginger

The Big "A"

avocado / banana / apple / squeezed lemon

Health bomb

apple / banana / kiwi / pineapple

Stress buster

cucumber / apple / pineapple / fresh mint

Brain Boost

raw beet / apple / carrot / ginger

All day brekkie

raw prune / granola / banana / apple / almond milk


pineapple / mint / ginger / apple

“SUPER+” your juice

Don’t forget you can also SUPER + your juice with the following superfoods including:


Rich source of protein and a super rich in iron

Gogi berries

Quite possibly the most nutrient dense food on the planet


Amazonian superfood renown for its antioxidant properties


Rich in antioxidants and known for boosting natural energy levels


Super famous for its anti-inflammatory properties

Hemp protein powder

Helps burn fat and build muscle