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Juice Truck Menu 

The Big A

avocado | banana | apple | lemon

Green Machine

kale | apple | celery | cucumber | ginger

Health Bomb

pineapple | banana | kiwi | apple


mint | pineapple | apple | ginger

All day brekkie

raw prune | apple | almond milk | granola | one whole banana


apple | beet | carrot

We try and run with the seasons (so for example, watermelon is usually only available during May, June and July) therefore the Krunch+Press Juice Truck menu will often vary. 

All juices are served with a splurge of extra-virgin olive oil that comes from our family olive grove in Puglia, South Italy.  This not only adds a rich creaminess to the taste but also packs an extra nutritional punch. 

All K+P juices are 100% raw with no added "bits".  Our products are NOT suitable for anyone with any food related intolerance (eg nuts or celery) 



“SUPER+” your juice

Don’t forget you can also SUPER + your juice with the following superfoods including:


Chia seeds

The highest plant based source of the Omega 3 and thought to boost energy, stabilise blood sugar and lower cholesterol.  

Gogi berries

Super high in protein, fibre and iron  -renown for its antioxidant properties

Hemp protein powder

Helps burn fat and build and restore muscle tissue



Bee Polen

Natures natural superfood that, among other benefits, is said to protect skin and aid cell regeneration. 


Fruit from the revered African Baobab tree containing more calcium than milk and 10x more Vitamin C than oranges.






J Cleanse image 1.jpg

Krunch+Press are delighted to offer a 3-day juice cleanse made up of 6 cold pressed revitalising drink formulas each day 


  Missing some of that get-up-and-go vitality?

Want to kick start a healthier lifestyle and lose some pounds in the process?

What to feel "lighter" and have a more radiant and glowing skin?

Then why not try the Krunch+Press 3 Day Juice Plan? 

Krunch+Press 3 Day Juice Plan

  • 5 x 500l juices each day (15 juices in total)
  • Cold pressed fruit and veggies that taste good too
  • Juices remain nutrient "live" for up to 3 days
  • Flexible evening delivery slots

All for £99 including free door-to-door delivery to West London post codes

Do get in contact to find out more: info@krunchandpress.co.uk


Norwalk Press

All our cold pressed juices are made with a Norwalk Press.  This is arguably the best juicing machine in the world.  Firstly it tuturates (grinds) the fresh produce and then a 1000lb hydraulic press is used to extract the nutrient rich juice.  This means that the juice you get has an exquisite taste -like no other juice you will taste - but importantly the vitamin and micronutrient integrity of the juice is preserved for up to 3 days